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Food safety

Working together for safer food

Regulatory constraints and growing demands of large-scale distribution make mastery of food safety a major concern for agri-food businesses.

A CRITT engineer specializing in food and traceability is at your disposal. Being in touch with businesses on a daily basis, he is aware of the problems you face and your needs.

CRITT offers you support for projects concerning the management of health risks:

  • Specific training requirements
  • Diagnosis and inventories
  • Individual support
  • Contact with competence centres: analytical laboratories, consultants, scientific experts, etc

Our experience in the field and our relationship with official departments and national technical centres enable us to provide you with an appropriate, rapid response that meets your expectations.

Expertise in food safety for your business development

CRITT Agro-Alimentaire, a source of information for quality managers

We have developed tools to meet common needs:

  • Legislation watch tailored to your requirements sent every 2 months
  • Panel of auditors from various disciplines in partnership with the FRCA
  • Conferences with the participation of recognized scientific experts
  • Training given by technical experts
  • The quality club

CRITT provides support from diagnosis to plans of action

Take advantage of expertise in industrial performance and project management, and our scientific and regulatory knowledge:

  • Restructuring project management
  • Implementation of your performance tools: production cost planning and calculation

Expertise with total confidentiality.

Examples of support:

  • Specific training in good hygiene practices
  • Inventory in respect of references IFS, BRC, ISO 22000
  • Individual support:
    • Implementation of standard ISO 22000, IFS, HACCP,
    • Compilation of sanitary certification dossier,
    • Drafting labelling that complies with regulations,
    • Obtaining official quality stamps (IGP).

After CRITT intervention:

  • Sanitary certification obtained
  • Labels that comply with regulations
  • IFS, BRC certification

Mastering food safety: a competitive asset for your company

Vos contacts: Catherine LEVESQUE et Sylvie PERRET