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Turn a regulatory constraint into a competitive advantage

Environmental protection is an issue that cannot be ignored. As an industrialist you are affected. CRITT agro-alimentaire offers you solutions to make cost reduction compatible with environmental impact in areas such as:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Effluent

A CRITT consultant engineer specializing in the environment is at your disposal. Being in touch with businesses on a daily basis, he is aware of the problems you face and your needs.

An environmental expert for your business development

CRITT offers to support you with your environmental projects:

  • Gain value from your waste products: Treatment of waste or effluent is a major source of costs for businesses. CRITT offers you solutions to optimize their treatment and recycling as energy or raw materials.
  • Save your resources: Energy or water are growing costs for agri-food businesses. CRITT supports you in rationalizing the use of water and energy in your company and make savings.

CRITT provides support from diagnosis to plans of action

Take advantage of our expertise in the environment and project management, and our scientific and regulatory knowledge:

  • Identify your needs in areas such as: energy, water, waste or effluent
  • Make a diagnosis to identify sources of costs and the steps to be taken. Determine a plan of action
  • Find funding for implementation (ADEME, Agence del’eau, etc.)

Expertise with total confidentiality.

You will have a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of your business including financing of the operation.

Examples of support given:

  • Investment for production of polyphenolic extracts from salad by-products
  • Investment in solar panels for production of process hot water
  • Upgrading of effluent treatment

After CRITT intervention:

  • A reduction in costs for the company,
  • Strengthened company image.

Make savings while protecting the environment

Votre contact: Yvan DELOCHE