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 Organic food processing

Increase the value of your products and your image within a sector of excellence

The market for biological products has been booming for several years and still has potential for significant growth.

At the crossroads of notions of quality, health and the environment, the transformation of biological products is a vector of the overall performance for the company.

Transformation of biological products means sustainable development and creation of added value for your company.

A CRITT consultant engineer specializing in biological agriculture is at your disposal. Being in touch with businesses on a daily basis, he is aware of the problems you face and your needs.

CRITT offers you support for your projects concerning transformation of biological products:

  • Creation of a range of biological products
  • Sourcing raw materials
  • Adaptation of industrial processes
  • Search for partners and expertise
  • Regulatory and technical information

Our knowledge of the field and regulations, in addition to our relations with official departments and technical centres, enable us to provide you with specific speedy solutions.

Expertise in the transformation of biological products to develop your business.

CRITT provides support from diagnosis to plans of action

Take advantage of our expertise in the environment and project management, and our scientific and regulatory knowledge:

  • Identification of your needs and definition of plans of action
  • Compilation of financial dossiers (tangible and intangible investments).
  • Group support (training, technical conferences, etc.)
  • Contact with competence networks: certification bodies, consultants, technical centres, suppliers, etc.
  • Regulation watch

Expertise with total confidentiality.

After CRITT intervention:

  • Your company’s development will be sustainable
  • Access to new markets or distribution circuits
  • Improvement of your turnover and creation of added value
  • Involvement in the regional biological product strategy

Increase the value of your product ranges on a permanent basis!

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