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Nutrition and Health

A trend that cannot be ignored

The nutrition-health market is booming. It is important for your company to take advantage of this development opportunity.

A CRITT consultant engineer specializing in nutrition and health is at your disposal. Being in touch with businesses on a daily basis, she is aware of the problems you face and your needs.

CRITT offers you support with your nutrition projects:

  • Assistance with definition of a nutritional strategy
    • Support for development of new products
    • Production of a nutritional specification
  • Formulation: Assistance with development of recipes that comply with the company’s specifications using nutritional simulation software
  • Nutritional communication: Assessment of the marketing of your product by nutritional audit and pertinent nutritional communication

Our knowledge of the market and our presence in the field enables us to provide you with specific solutions that meet your expectations.

Nutritional expertise to develop your business

CRITT provides support from diagnosis to plans of action

Take advantage of expertise in industrial performance and project management, and our scientific and regulatory knowledge:

  • Nutritional audit to better know your products
  • Increasing awareness and training of your teams, techniques and/or marketing in nutrition/health for an overview of the market and your business sector.
    • Work on the strategic positioning of a small or medium-sized business on the Nutrition-Health market
    • Development of a range of freshly cooked, balanced dishes
    • Production of nutritional labels that comply with regulatory requirements for export,
    • Development of nutritional labelling,
    • Increasing the value of your products by means of nutritional communication in compliance with regulations,
    • Launch of your products positioned on the nutrition-health market.

Expertise with total confidentiality.

Placing the information necessary to determine your nutritional strategy in your hands.

Communicate the nutritional potential of your products

Votre contact: Caroline ROUVEYROL