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Industrial performance

CRITT support for change

Agri-foodstuffs businesses face difficult times ahead.

  • Reduced profit margins (more difficult customer relations)
  • Increased expenditure (costs of raw materials and energy, motivation of personnel concerning quality problems, etc.)

This results in a reduction in the added value offered by the company.

A CRITT consultant engineer specialized in performance is at your disposal. Because he is in contact with companies on a daily basis, he is aware of your problems and needs.

CRITT offers support for your industrial performance projects:

  • Overall restructuring of the company
  • Search for partners and expertise
  • Implementation of industrial planning
  • Implementation of production cost calculation

Our understanding of the market and our presence in the field enable us to provide you with specific solutions to meet your expectations.

Expertise in industrial performance for the development of your company

CRITT provides support from diagnosis to plans of action

Take advantage of expertise in industrial performance and project management, and our scientific and regulatory knowledge:

  • Restructuring project management
  • Implementation of your performance tools: production cost planning and calculation

Expertise with total confidentiality.

Examples of support:

  • Assistance with industrial structuring: Salaisons du Champsaur, Fromagerie de la Durance, Madras
  • Industrial planning: Confiturerie Chatelain, Confiserie du Roy René, Laurent Lamorlette, Méditéa, Yzentis, Dosseto Sandra
  • Implementation of production costs: Créamande, Altiflore

After CRITT intervention:

  • Disappearance of losses due to seasonal peaks
  • Improved profit margins
  • Return to viability after restructuring

Increase the value of your company